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Full programme for the conference is listed below covering Tuesday 9 to Friday 12 April 2019

Early Registration is available from 16:00 at the Dalhousie Building.








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0815 Registration & Refreshments


Welcome to you all…

0915 Welcome: Professor Louise Valentine & Professor Leon Cruickshank, EAD2019 Conference Chairs
Keynote Address: Professor Craig Vogel, Design Educator, Healthcare Innovator and Intrapreneur
Positioning Papers

2457: Sharp edges, blunt objects, clean slices. Exploring design research methods.

Andrew Morrison, Henry Mainsah, Karianne Rygh

2417: Being Safe is Scary. Increasing Precariousness in Co-design.

Spyros Bofylatos


Poster Pitches

2442: Sonic Flock; using textile birds to start conversations within a Dementia Friendly Community in the Outer Hebrides.

Lucy Robertson

2485: Designing the Affective Material Palette Using materials to explore the experience of systems and technologies designed to aid behaviour change.

Marion Lean

1055 Refreshments


Enjoy your break…

1130 Session 1
Track 1: Hard Hats and Bare Feet: New Business – Room 2F11

1239: The Beauty of Design Thinking – Is there a Small Beast in the Box.

Poul Rind Christensen, Suna Løwe Nielsen

1353: Italian Yachts Restoration. Possible tools for the ‘new’ business of nautical heritage.

Giulia Zappia

1210: Designing Craft Opportunity. An Entrepreneurial Approach to Creating The Craft Scotland Summer Show.

Lauren Baker, Louise Valentine, Sarah Cooper

2479: Design Thinking for Entrepreneurship in Frugal Contexts.

Lisbeth Svengren Holm, Maria Nyström, Reuterswärd and Godfrey Nyotumba


Track 2: A Healthy Attitude Towards Risk: Health & Wellbeing – Room 2F14

1163: Designed with Me: Empowering People Living with Dementia.

Euan Winton, Paul Anthony Rodgers

1181: How smell can help visually impaired in health and well-being – a cognitive experiment.

Anran Feng, Rui Li, Yingjie Victor Chen, Lu Ding

1288: Uncovering Nuance: Exploring Hearing Aids and Super Normal Design.

Katie Brown, Graham Pullin

1306: The Soft Touch: Design Vs. Disruption.

Sara Nevay, Christopher S.C. Lim, Gary Gowans


Track 3: Social Circles: Sustainable Communities – Room 2F15

1362: Addressing the Dialogue between Design, Sorting and Recycling in a Circular Economy.

Essi Karell, Kirsi Niinimäki, Pammi Sinha, Bruce Carnie

1367: To keep, or not to keep? That is the question. Studying divestment from a cross-cultural approach.

Ana Gabriela Encino-Muñoz, Mark Sumner

1243: Hybrid zero waste fashion design practices: Zero waste pattern cutting for composite garment weaving and its implications.

Holly McQuillan

1261: Counter-narratives Towards Sustainability in Fashion. Scoping an Academic Discourse on Fashion Activism Through a Case Study on the Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

Francesco Mazzarella, Helen Storey, Dilys Williams


Track 5: Designing to Learn: Learning Together – Room 2G13

1170: Measuring the impact of strategic design learning experience long after the classroom delivery.

Noemi Sadowska, Dominic Laffy

1259: Games as a Catalyst for Design for Social Innovation. Unlocking legendary tools.

Aslihan Tece Bayrak

1339: Applying Design Fiction in Primary Schools to Explore Environmental Challenges.

Deborah Maxwell, Toby Pillatt, Liz Edwards, Rachel Newman

1246: Learning by design. How engagement practitioners use tools to stretch the creative potential of their citizen participation practice.

Hayley Alter, Roger Whitham, Frank Dawes, Rachel Cooper


Track 6: Co-Designing with Nature Towards Resilience and Diversity: Ethical Resilience – Room 2G12

1189: Nature-Centered Design: how design can support science to explore ways to restore coral reefs.

Ezri Tarazi, Haim Parnas, Ofri Lotan, Majeed Zoabi, Asa Oren, Noam Josef, Nadav Shashar

1159: Animal Diplomacy Bureau: designing games to engage and create player agency in urban nature.

Robert Phillips, Kaylene Kau

1271: Designing Transitions Bottom-up: the agency of design in formation and proliferation of niche practices.

Elif Erdogan Öztekin, A. Idil Gaziulusoy

1190: Using the SDGs to nurture connectivity and promote change.

Keith R. Skene, Jackie Malcolm


Track 7: Happy Accidents: Open Track – Room 2F13

1145: Happy Affect. Harnessing Chance and Uncertainty in Design Practice.

Akari Nakai Kidd, Kelly Salchow MacArthur

1196: Applying Storytelling Method into the Flow of User Experience Design to Innovate with Serendipity. A case study on AIDS detection service design among college students.

Jianbin Wu, Linghao Zhang, Zhenyu Cheryl Qian, Rui Li

1269: Surrendering to the Now. Improvisation and an embodied approach to serendipity.

Ariana Amacker

1280: Kinetic morphologies. Revealing opportunity from mistake.

Ana Piñeyro


Track 8: Faster, Better, Stronger: Digital Economies – Room 2G14

1214: Fruitful Gaps in Digital Literacy: Interpreting gaps in digital literacy among stakeholders in collaborative design research projects as an evolving innovative capacity.

Vashanth Selvadurai, Peter Vistisen, Claus Andreas Foss Rosenstand

1127: A New Method to Evaluate Good Design for Brand Recognition in the Digital World.

Itsaso Gonzalez,  Ester Val, Daniel Justel, Ion Iriarte, Ganix Lasa

1225: Questioning the social and ethical implications of autonomous vehicle technologies on professional drivers.

Richard Morton, Daniel Richards, Paul Coulton



2428: Design/health. Exploring tensions in design and health for more effective trans-disciplinary collaborations – Room: 2F03

Claire Craig, Stephen Reay, Ivana Nakarada-Kordic

2425: Co-designing Improvements of Knowledge Exchange Tools.  – Room: Centre for Entrepreneurship

Rosendy Galabo, Leon Cruickshank

1300 Lunch




Your lunch awaits you…

1400 Session 2
Track 1: Hard Hats and Bare Feet: New Business – Room 2F11

1374: Models of Collective Working: Insights on the Scottish Context.

Catherine Docherty, Sue Fairburn, David McGillivray

1132: Designers Designing Businesses: Understanding how designers create enterprises.

Simone Gaglione, A. Idil Gaziulusoy

1294: Design within Social Entrepreneurship: a Framework to reveal the use of Design in interdisciplinary spaces.

David Pérez, David Hands, Edward McKeever, Roger Whitham

1293: Design as a Catalyst for Innovation in Irish Industry – Evolution of the Irish Innovation Voucher initiative within Design+ Technology Gateway.

Lynne Whelan, Gemma Purcell, Jack Gregan, Declan Doyle


Track 2(A): A Healthy Attitude Towards Risk: Health and Wellbeing – Room 2F14

1208: Ethics by Design: Exploring Experiences of Harmony and Dissonance.

Angela Tulloch, Tara French, Leigh-Anne Hepburn

1335: Conversations between procedural and situated ethics: Learning from video research with children in a cancer care ward.

Piet Tutenel, Stefan Ramaekers, Ann Heylighen

1343: Value Creation Through Service Design in a Healthcare Environment.

Rasa Pamedytyte, Canan Akoglu

1370: Ethics and Risk: Doing design research with care home residents.

Emma Gieben-Gamal


Track 2(B): A Healthy Attitude Towards Risk: Health and Wellbeing – Room 2F13

1242: Crafting Textile Connections: A mixed-methods approach to explore traditional and e-textile crafting for wellbeing.

Sara Nevay, Lucy Robertson, Christopher Lim, Wendy Moncur

1254: Addressing stigma in the design of a physical device and digital app for pelvic floor exercises. Five concepts to increase women’s health.

Edgar R. Rodríguez Ramírez, Helen Andreae, Mailin Lemke

1316: Homeostasis sanatoris. A meaningfulness-driven product that stimulates physiological healing processes.

Angie Henríquez Martínez, Santiago De Francisco Vela

1334: Falling UP to Recovery: co-created, artistic practice for holistic mental health care in Scotland.

Drew Max Walker, Louise Valentine, Tracy Mackenna


Track 3(A): Social Circles: Sustainable Communities – Room 2F15

2484: Designing an Appropriate Technology for Revitalising a Traditional Craft Practice. Case study: Indonesian Stitch Resist Dyeing.

Bintan Titisari, Muriel Rigout, Tom Cassidy, Alice Dallabona

1357: Crafts and Design partnerships in the Chilean context. A critical perspective.

Magdalena Cattan-Lavin

1302: Neo-Local design. Looking at ‘our local contexts’ as potential resources.

Nicolò Ceccarelli

1267: Traditional Maker Practices and Sustainable Futures: the implications of expertise.

Stuart Walker, Martyn Evans, Louise Mullagh


Track 3(B): Social Circles: Sustainable Communities – Room 2G12

1297: Systemic Design for territorial thinking : Urban Transitions for circular post-industrial cities.

Carolina Giraldo Nohra, Silvia Barber

1192: Collaborative governance in the sharing economy: A case of free-floating bike sharing with visualized analyzation.

Jingrui An, Linghao Zhang, Rui Li, Yingjie Victor Chen

1138: Social packaging. Design for wide sustainability.

Marco Bozzola, Claudia De Giorgi

1290: Bridging the double-gap in circularity. Addressing the intention-behaviour disparity in fashion.

Alana M. James, Lizette Reitsma, Mersha Aftab


Track 5: Designing to Learn: Learning Together – Room 2G13

1175: Code Blue. Design and the Political/Resuscitating Civics.

Leslie Becker

1275: Bodygramming. Embodying the computational behaviour as a collective effort.

Jussi Mikkonen

2475: Co-design in mental health; Mellow: a self-help holistic crisis planning mobile application by youth, for youth.

Elise Hodson, Nastaran Dadashi, Ramon Delgado, Connie Chisholm, Robert Sgrignoli, Ronald Swaine

1231: Redesigning Tools for Knowledge Exchange. An Improvement Framework.

Rosendy Galabo, Leon Cruickshank


Track 8: Faster, Better, Stronger: Digital Economies – Room 2G14

1198: The Transformative Effects of Digital Technologies on the Product Design Practices of Servitizing Manufacturers.

Deniz Sayar, Özlem ErJanne Pekkala, Sanna Peltonen, Miia Lammi

1178: Improving Design Software Based On Fuzzy Kano Model – A Case Study of Virtual Reality Interior Design Software.

Kaidi Xu, Yingjie Victor Chen, Linghao Zhang, Rui Li

1285: Service orientation–based tool for assessing and improving service design and development practices in manufacturing industry.

Jani Ylioja, Onur Özüduru, Jukka Riekk

1202: “Document-while-doing”: a documentation tool for Fab Lab environments.

Iván Sánchez Milara, Georgi V. Georgiev



2396: Using digital agile communities in product design. – Room 2F03

Charlotte Pyatt-Downes, Grace Kane

2427: “All You Can Eat”: Prototyping Speculative Food Futures. – Room Centre for Entrepreneurship

Emmanuel Tsekleves,  Serena Pollastri



2405: Walking Heterotopias – (gather in the foyer). 

Erika Renedo Illarreg

1530 Refreshments


Enjoy your break…

1600 Afternoon Plenary
Keynote Address:  Emma Barrett Palmer, Humanitarian and Social Entrepreneur


Positioning Papers

2461: Design Meets Death. A case of critical discourse and strategic contributions.

Farnaz Nickpour

2456: Lessons from Designing for End-of-Life.

Marieke Sonneveld


Poster Pitches

2467: Design For Change.

Beth White

2458: A-DIARIO. Human encounters collection, Stories that we have lived or could live, small tales that help us imagine other lives and build common worlds.

María Paula, Barón Aristizabal

2383: Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk. Challenging the perception of the value of verbal tools within design education environments.

Glen O’Sullivan

1730 Delegates Depart
1900 Evening Reception at V&A Dundee
2100 Evening Concludes



0630         2454: (2) A Walk in the Woods. Promoting Chance and Wellbeing at EAD 2019.

Christine Kingsley, Dr Susan Mains (gather at Slessor Gardens).

0700         2398: (3) Dundee Dice Walk.

Paul Hardman. (gather outside Dalhousie Building)

0830 Registration (new delegates) Refreshments


Welcome to you all…

0920 Welcome: Professor Louise Valentine & Professor Leon Cruickshank, EAD2019 Conference Chairs
Keynote AddressIngrid van der Wacht, Communication, Connection and Cocreation Concept Developer


Positioning Papers

2450: Designing New Socio-Economic Imaginaries. 

Chris Speed, Bettina Nissen, Larissa Pschetz, Dave Murray-Rust, Hadi Mehrpouya, Shaune Oosthuizen

2389: Designers Should Evaluate Their Work.You say those are scissors you are running with, but do they even cut?

Sander Hermsen


Poster Pitches

2440: Compassionate Systems Design. A framework for sustainable cultures.

Charlene Samantha Sequeira

2397: Renaissance. Chinese design in nine words.

Yeqiu Yang, Guerrini Luca

1055 Refreshments


Enjoy your break…

1130 Session 3
Track 1: Hard Hats and Bare Feet: New Business – Room 2F11

1270: A Darker Side of Creative Entrepreneurship.

Adrian Wright, Dorota Marsh, Louise McArdle

1141: Systemic Incubator for Local Eco-Entrepreneurship to favour a Sustainable Local Development. Guidelines Definition.

Chiara Battistoni, Silvia Barbero

1303: Designing Your Future – 21st Century Skill-set for Industrial Designers. The Case Study of Israel Design Field.

Dana Schneorson, Elad Persov, Roee Bigger


Track 2: A Healthy Attitude Towards Risk: Co-Design and Wellbeing – Room 2F14

1234: Life Café. A Co-Designed Method of Engagement.

Helen Elizabeth Fisher, Claire Craig, Paul Chamberlain

1250: New Domestic Healthcare. Co-designing Assistive Technologies for Autonomous Ageing at Home.

Guiseppe Mincolelli, Silvia Imbesi, Michele Marchi, Gian Andrea Giacobone

1258: Enabling people to lower barriers with a co-design prototyping approach: sex education for upper-elementary students at home.

Jisun Lee, Hyeryung Cho, Jihye Chung, Younjoon Lee

1286: Health and Wellbeing. Challenging Co-Design for Difficult Conversations, Successes and Failures of the Leapfrog Approach.

Roger Whitham, Leon Cruickshank, Gemma Coupe, Laura Wareing, David Pérez


Track 3: Social Circles: Sustainable Communities – Room 2F15

1168: Geographical Context Influence on Co-design Practice Between Indonesia and the UK Context.

Andi Setiawan, Nick Dunn, Leon Cruickshank

1274: Co-designing Pathways to Opportunities for Young People in the North West of England.

Laura Wareing, Paul A.Rodgers, Nick Dunn

1160: Co-living as a means to re-engagement. A literature review.

Dora Karadima, Spyros Bofylatos

2480: Building Bridges. Design Researchers Making Podcasts to Support Internal Collaboration in an EU Horizon 2020 Scientific Programme

Rebecca Earley


Track 4: Where is the Control?: Artificial Realities – Room 1G05

1344: Critical Design In Daily Life: Lifelike Products.

Irem Cakiroglu, Cigdem Kaya Pazarbas

1327: Design Research through simulated social complexity. An agent-based approach to the construction of design knowledge.

Juan Salamanca, Juan de la Rosa, Gerry Dekersen

1144: Spilltime: Designing for the relationship between QS, CO2e and climate goals.

Lizette Reitsma, Stina Wessman, Sofie Nyström

1188: Forget the Singularity, its mundane artificial intelligence that should be our immediate concern.

Franziska Pilling, Paul Coulton


Track 5: Designing to Learn: Learning Together – Room 2G13

1165: Deconstructing Design Research.

Paul A. Rodgers, Loura Conerney, Francesco Mazzarella

1126: Materialising the Studio. A systematic review of the role of the material space of the studio in Art, Design and Architecture Education.

James Corazzo

1301: Tools for building consensus on goals.

Mithra Zahedi, Virginie Tesser

1174: Design Education. University-industry collaboration, a case study.

Benedita Camacho, Rui Alexandre


Track 6: Co-Designing with Nature Towards Resilience and Diversity: Ethical Resilience – Room 2G12

1153: Implications of the Bioinclusive Ethic on Collaborative and Participatory Design.

Emilija Veselova, A. Idil Gaziulusoy

1142: Natural materials. A family on the move, but where is the last stop?

Beatrice Lerma, Doriana Dal Palù

1209: Implementing bio-design tools to develop mycelium-based products.

Noam Attias, Ofer Danai, Ezri Tarazi,  Idan Pereman, Yasha J. Grobman


Track 7: Happy Accidents: Open Track – Room 2F13

1173: Steering Gently. Crowd management with a non-confrontational philosophy.

Awoniyi Stephen

1265: Serendipity? The Inspiration of the Medieval Masons in Cathedral Floor-plan Design.

Chaoran Wang, Michael Andrew Hann

1322: Serendipity in the Field. Facilitating serendipity in design-driven field studies on ship bridges.

Synne Frydenberg, Jon Olav Eikenes, Kjetil Nordby

1342: Designing Branded Atmospheres. Nature-inspired, multisensory spatial brand experiences for consumer electronics retail stores.

Monika Malbasic, Youngok Choi


Track 8: Faster, Better, Stronger: Digital Economies – Room 2G14

1337: Creativity 4.0. Empowering creative process for digitally enhanced people.

Carmen Fruno, Marita Canina

1309: Inclusive Design for Immersive Spaces.

Michael Crabb, Daniel Clarke, Husam Alwaer, Michael Heron, Richard Laing

1229: Strategies for Empowering Collective Design.

Bijan Aryana, Ehsan Naderi, Gersimos Balis

1130: Industrial Design Education in the Age of Digital Products.

Isıl Oygür, Zeynep Karapars



2469: WS5 – Risk & Reward. Exploring Design’s role in measuring outcomes in health. Room 2F03

Gemma Wheeler, Joe Langley, Nathaniel Mills.

2414: WS6 – Designing Diverse Design Dogmas, Deliberately. Using aspects of Design on its practitioners to set the challenge of imagining alternative ways of designing – Room: Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Matthew Lee-Smith

1300 Lunch




Your lunch awaits you…

1400 Session 4
Track 1: Hard Hats and Bare Feet: New Business – Room 2F11

1105: Divide, Switch, Blend. Exploring two hats for industry entrepreneurship and academic practice-based textile design research.

Cathryn Hall, Rebecca Earley

1292: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Design in Education. An educational experience to train the new entrepreneurial designers.

Andrea Gaiardo

1262: Implementing design thinking as didactic method in entrepreneurship education. The importance of through.

Anna Kremel, Katarina Wetter Edman

1201: How can Design Thinking promote entrepreneurship in young people?

Ester Val, Itsaso González, Nagore Lauroba, Amaia Beitia


Track 2 (A): A Healthy Attitude Towards Risk: Co-Design and Wellbeing – Room 2F14

1379: Project scale and the wicked problem in Fourth Order design.

Richard Herriott

1158: Combining design research with microbiology to tackle drug-resistant infections in different home environments in Ghana. Challenging the boundaries of design thinking.

Emmanuel Tsekleves, Andy Darby, Collins Ahorlu, Dziedzom De Souza, Roger Pickup, Daniel Boakye

1199: Unpacking two design for health living lab approaches for more effective interdisciplinary collaboration.

Stephen Reay, Claire Craig, Nicola Kayes

1241: Moving beyond an interdisciplinary paradigm.

Jackie Malcolm, Vicki Tully, Christopher Lim, Rodney Mountain


Track 2 (B): A Healthy Attitude Towards Risk: Co-Design and Wellbeing Room 2G14

1219: Analysis of the pilot survey INKLUGI about aging and disabilities to promote Inclusive Design in industry.

Arantxa González-de- Heredia, Daniel Justel, Ion Iriarte, Amaia Beitia, Jesús Hernández-Galán

1350: Home healthcare devices. Challenge of CPAP design for effective home treatment.

Noemi Bitterman, Katerina Klimovich, Giora Pillar

1139: Designing better hip protectors: a critical and contextual review examining their acceptance and adoption in older populations.

Simon Richard Andrews

1238: Designing Cognitive Ergonomics Features of Medical Devices. Aspects of Cognitive Interaction.

Mariia Zolotova/ Angela Giambattista


Track 3: Social Circles: Sustainable Communities – Room 2F15

1287: Slow knowledge in the ‘real world’. Using slow practice to actively engage commercial collaborators in doctoral research.

Ollie Hemstock, Nick Spencer

1359: Design Thinking for Progress. Initial insights from an evolving design-led business support programme for Scotland.

Jen Ballie

1380: Collaborative Circular Design. Incorporating Life Cycle Thinking into an Interdisciplinary Design Process.

Kate Goldsworthy, Dawn Ellams

1227: Investigation into how each stakeholder plays a role at different levels of granularity to realise a long-term service design project Programme.

Younjoon Lee, Jeyon Jung, Seunghoon Kwak


Track 4: Where is the Control?: Artificial Realities – Room 1G05

1255: Using Twitter Bots to Critically Question the Belief Systems of College-Aged Republicans and Democrats.

Zack Tucker

1312: Networking with the Ghosts in the Machine. Speaking to the Internet of Things.

Joseph Lindley, Paul Coulton, Hayley Alter

1236: Beyond Average Tools. On the use of ‘dumb’ computation and purposeful ambiguity to enhance the creative process.

Philippa Mothersill, V. Michael Bove

1180: Data as a medium for inheritance and creativity of traditional design. A case study on data-driven modern creative design of ancient Chinese catering utensils.

Rong Han, Hong Zhang, Rui Li, Chunfa Sha


Track 5: Designing to Learn: Learning Together – Room 2G13

1331: Investigating the Next Generation of Design Researchers.

Paul A. Rodgers, Francesco Mazzarella, Loura Conerney

1351: Running with scissors in Business Management Education. A collaborative autoethnography on designing pedagogical interventions with an art-maker and an academic skills tutor.

Xinya You, David Hands

1186: A Reflection Upon Herbert Simon’s Vision of Design in The Sciences of the Artificial.

Daniel Clarke, Davina Kirkpatrick, Tom Cunningham

2474: The Role of Empathic Design Research in the Prototyping of Interactive Visualizations.

Eunmi Moon, Sheila M. Schneider, Priscilla Ferronato, Miriam Salah, Stan Ruecker, Deana McDonagh


Track 6: Co-Designing with Nature Towards Resilience and Diversity: Ethical Resilience – Room 2G12

1348: The Role of Philosopher Designer in Defining New Attitude towards Nature.

Zahra Mohammadganjee, Somayyeh Shahhoseiny

1150: A Respectful Design Framework. Incorporating indigenous knowledge in the design process.

Lizette Reitsma, Ann Light, Tariq Zaman, Paul Rodgers

1172: Atlantic Wonder. Exploring Nature and Design in Madeira island.

Valentina Vezzani, Susana Gonzaga, Elisa Bertolotti

2477: Ecocene Design Economies. Three Ecologies of Systems Transitions.

Joanna Boehnert


Track 7: Happy Accidents: Open Track – Room 2F13

1183: Renewing technology-driven materials research through experimental co-design approach.

Kirsi Niinimäki

1277: Serendipity as a Catalyst. Knowledge Generation in Interdisciplinary Research.

Riikka Townsend, Jussi Mikkonen

2483: Attempts, Failures, Trials and Errors. Notes on an exhibition of failed prototypes and rejected projects. 

Tincuta Heinzel, Hillevi Munthe, Teresa Almeida,
Corina Andor, Anca Badut, Camille Baker, Anna Biro, Shih Wei Chieh, Renata Gaui, Maria Paulina Gutierrez, Arango, Shary Kock, Ebru Kurbak, Aline Martinez Santos, Ionut Patrascu, Veerle Pennock, Ioana Popescu, Zoran Popovici, Afroditi Psarra, Natacha Roussel, Annette Schmid, Kate Sicchio, Vitalii Shupliak, Rebecca Stewart, Milie John Tharakan, Giulia Tomasello, Bram van Waardenberg, Pauline Vierne, DZNR Design Studio



2459: WS7: Nature-Centered Design. Exploring the path to design as Nature – Venue, Dundee Botanic Garden

David Sánchez Ruano. Dundee Botanic Garden (gather in the foyer)

2436: WS8: Experimenting productive disagreement between research and project in design. A basemap for action. – Room, Centre for Entrepreneurship

Marie-Julie Catoir-Brisson, Thomas Watkin

1530 Refreshments


Enjoy your break…

1600 Keynote Address
1600    Keynote Address: Ravi Naidoo, Entrepreneur with a Socio-political Conscience, Commercial Activist, Design Educator


Positioning Papers

2424: Felicitous Design Concept. Harmonising marketing and design on product, process and strategy levels.

Nasser Bahrami, Bijan Aryana

2421: Design-driven obsolescence.

Marco Mancini


Poster Pitches

2432: Fear of Missing Out = Missing out (or: things I saw while you were distracted by your phone).

Lisa Fontaine

2399: Are Local Creative Industries More Global than We Think? A study of creative and digital firms based at Baltic Creative in Liverpool.

CM Patha, Nick Dunn, Roger Whitham

1730 Delegates Depart for Glamis Castle (transport provided outside Dalhousie)








1830   Conference Dinner & Ceilidh at Glamis Castle

2330   Evening Concludes


0845 Registration (new delegates) Refreshments


Welcome to you all…

0935 Welcome: Professor Louise Valentine & Prof Leon Cruickshank, EAD2019 Conference Chairs
Keynote Address: Tom Inns, Design Facilitator
Positioning Papers

2446: Skin deep.Perceptions of human and material ageing and opportunities for design.

Ben Bridgens, Debra Lilley, Hannah Zeilig, Caroline Searing

2846: Towards a Regenerative Design Culture.Nature-culture fluidity vs. analytics: friends and foes?

Monica Porteanu

1105 Refreshments


Enjoy your break…

1130 Session 5
Track 1: Hard Hats and Bare Feet: New Business – Room 2F11

1125: To Be or Not to Be. The Servitization Dilemma and the Role of Design.

Ion Iriarte, Maya Hoveskog, Alazne Alberdi, Maite Anaya, Maitane Mazmela

1284: Realising the value of open innovation in policy making. Equipping entrepreneurs for valuation work.

Roger Whitham, David Pérez, Katy Mason, Chris Ford

1191: Design Thinking Driven Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship. A Case Study of College Students Business Plan Competition.

Rui Li, Zhenyu Cheryl Qianb, Yingjie Victor Chen, Linghao Zhang

1185: Design-Led Innovation Strategies of Family Entrepreneurs. Case-based Evidence from an Emerging Market.

Selin Gülden, Özlem Er


Track 2: A Healthy Attitude Towards Risk: Co-Design and Wellbeing – Room 2F14

1263: The Problem with Problems. Reframing and Cognitive Bias in Healthcare Innovation.

Samantha Hookway, Mia Fay Johansson, Anton Svensson, Bowman Heiden

1129: Designing in highly contentious areas: Perspectives on a way forward for mental healthcare transformation.

Daniela Sangiorgi, Michelle Farr, Sarah McAllister,  Gillian Mulvale, Martha Sneyd, Josina Elilzabeth Vink, Laura Warwick

2482: User Experience of Brazilian Public Healthcare System. A case study on the accessibility of the information provided.

Emilene Zitkus, Claudia Libanio

1222: Rethinking how healthcare is conceptualised and delivered through speculative design in the UK and Malaysia: A Comparative study.

Emmanuel Tsekleves, Min Hooi Yong, Clarissa Ai Ling, Lee, Sabir Giga, Jung Shan Hwang, Sian Lun Lau


Track 3: Social Circles: Sustainable Communities – Room 2F15

1273: Living Design. The future of sustainable maker enterprises: a case study in Cumbria.

Louise Mullagh, Stuart Walker, Martyn Evans

1346: Can we help as designers to build relevant spaces for meaningful dialogue through storytelling as a tool for local empowerment? A case of study in the Colombian Pacific.

María Barón Aristizabal

1378: “Use what you have to secure what you have not”. On Design for and from Autonomy.

Paola Pierri

1104: Debate through design. Incorporating contrary views on new and emerging technologies.

Marie Lena Heidingsfelder, Fabian Bitter, Ronja Ullrich


Track 4: Where is the Control?: Artificial Realities – Room 1G05

1152: Considering Haptic Feedback Systems for A Livable Space Suit.

Torstein Hågård Bakke, Sue Fairburn

1249: Aural Textiles. Hybrid practices for data-driven design.

George S. Jaramillo, Lynne J. Mennie

1329: Cyborg-Computer Interaction. Designing new senses.

Muhammet Ramoglu

2473: Computational by Design, towards a co-designed material culture. A design tool.

Viktor Malakuczi


Track 5: Designing to Learn: Learning Together – Room 2G13

1314: Interdisciplinarity of Ph.D. students across the Atlantic. A Case of Interdisciplinary Research Team Building at the Student Level.

Jinoh Park, Byungsoo Kim, Boyeun Lee, David Hands, Traci Rose Rider

1257: Identifying Racialized Design to Cultivate a Culture of Awareness in Design.

Lisa E. Mercer, Terresa Moses

1149: Market as Manufactory. Making Communities.

Paul Micklethwaite, Kieran O’Connor, Samantha Elliot

1240: Design skills for environmental risk communication. Design in and design of an interdisciplinary workshop.

Matthew David Lickiss, Lydia Cumiskey


Track 6: Co-Designing with Nature Towards Resilience and Diversity: Ethical Resilience – Room 2G12

1310: Climate Anticipation. Working towards a design proposal for urban resilience and care.

Jennifer M. Z. Cunningham, Sue Fairbairn

1300: The role of design in discovering speculative futures materials for local revaluation. Investigation of the methodology.

Valentina Coraglia, Claudia De Giorgi

2471: The unintended consequences of embedded values in socio-technical systems. A critical reflection using formal analysis of speedometers in customer vehicles.

Juan de la Rosa, Stan Ruecker

1278: Co-designing Mobile Collection Points with Older Persons to Promote Green Attitudes and Practices in Hong Kong.

Alex Pui-yuk King


Track 7: Happy Accidents: Open Track – Room 2F13

1197: Designing for emergent interactions: Strategies for encouraging emergent user behaviour & serendipitous research findings.

Kristina Maria Madsen, Peter Vistise

1307: “Ah, I see what you didn’t mean”. Exploring Computer Aided Design tools for design ideation.

Philip Ekströmer, Renee Wever

2481: Design Thinking for Idea Generation – Stress Testing Human Factors in Ideation Sessions.

John Knight, Dan Fritton, Charlie Phillips, Dylan Price


Track 8: Faster, Better, Stronger:  FBS Theme 4 – Room 2G14

1363: Spimes Not Things. Creating A Design Manifesto For A Sustainable Internet of Things.

Michael Stead, Paul Coulton, Joseph Lindley

1187: Social Design Fiction. New Methods for the Design of Emerging Technology.

Matthew Pilling, Daniel Richards, Nick Dunn,  Allan Rennie



2404: (4) Take a GANDER. Gathering Accessibility Needs by Doing Explorative Research.

Michael Crabb, Rachel Menzies, Garreth W. Tigwell, Daniel Clarke, Christopher Lim, Cara Henderson (gather in the foyer)



2387: WS9: From User Insights to Evidence-Based Strategy Selection.  Designing for Behaviour Change with the Behavioural Lenses Approach.

Sander Hermsen, Dirk Ploos van Amstel, Tim van Eijl, Reint Jan Renes

2408: Hidden Treasures. Discovering the Design Potential of Natural History Collections.

Michelle Fehler, Clint Penick

1300 Lunch




Your lunch awaits you…

1400 Afternoon Plenary
1450 Closing Remarks: Professor Louise Valentine & Prof Leon Cruickshank, EAD2019 Conference Chairs
1500 EAD2019 Concludes
Research Proposals

There will be the opportunity for all delegates to take part in the following Research Proposals during Conference:

2464: Playing with uncertainty. Experiential design and sensemaking for radical futures

2437: Improvement Matrix. Prompting New Ways of Thinking about Knowledge Exchange

2413: A Semiotic Rosetta Stone Research Project. Defining designer-centric semiotic practice

Research Posters

Research Posters will be exhibited prominently within the main conference venue throughout the conference. In addition, during the Plenary sessions, a selection of authors will offer a brief outline of their Posters in short, pitch-style presentations. Delegates are encouraged to explore the exhibition and engage authors directly to find out more about the research on display.

Presenter Guidelines
  • If you are presenting a Full Paper in a Session Track, please Download and read the Guidelines, including details on how to send a copy of your presentation to the EAD2019 organisers by Tuesday 2 April.


  • If you are presenting a Workshop, please Download and read the Guidelines, including details on how to send a copy of your presentation to the EAD2019 organisers by Tuesday 2 April.


  • If you are leading/presenting a Workshop, Walk or Research Proposal and collecting data from your participants, please provide them with Information Sheets and Consent Forms to ensure the ethical collection of data. Download an example of the type of information required. Please prepare copies for your session and bring enough for all participants


  • If you are presenting a Positioning Paper or a Poster Pitch, you will be issued with personalised briefing notes. If you have not yet received them, please email


Early Conference registration is available from 1600-1800 on Tuesday 9 April – in the Dalhousie Building
Optional Walking Tour – A Dark History is available from 1530-1645 and 1700-1815 on Tuesday 9 April