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The European Academy of Design (EAD) is a voluntary community of academics and practitioners committed to fostering new and existing relationships, in an effort to increase knowledge of the discipline and deepen understanding of how design contributes to improving the quality of life.
Established in 1995, its core principles are to grow an appreciation of the complexity of design and design research, its human centred nature, and its rich diversity of subject, form and context. It is to be of value and service to local and international communities of practice, within design and across other fields of endeavour, such as health, ecology, science, humanities, and medicine.

EAD is a friendly, inclusive, tolerant, inquisitive, challenging and dynamic community. It seeks to:

  • support the development and growth of design research in a collegiate manner
  • nurture new talent both within design research and across disciplines, acting as a critical friend to help expand the possibilities of self and community
  • energise scholars, professionals and friends in a European location, every two years
  • facilitate knowledge exchange, collaboration, innovation and invention
  • present world leading research for peer review, challenge and discussion

To date, its geographical journey has so far taken the conference to (in chronological order): Salford, England; Stockholm, Sweden; Sheffield, England; Aveiro, Portugal; Barcelona, Spain; Bremen, Germany; Izmir, Turkey; Aberdeen, Scotland; Porto, Portugal; Gothenburg, Sweden; Paris, France; Rome, Italy.

We continue this chain with the 2019 conference in Dundee, Scotland.

“Part of an ensemble show is realizing it’s a collaboration.
It’s like a symphony. Everybody takes their turn,
but it’s really the collective group that matters.”
Jurnee Smollett-Bell