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The heroics of running together

Theme: Learning Together


  • Professor Marlene Ivey, NSCAD University, Halifax Canada
  • Christine Kingsley, University of Dundee, UK


  • David Townson, Design Associate, Design Council UK.
  • Professor Ozlem Er, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey
  • Dr. Carey Normand, Independent Educational Consultant, UK
  • Elizabeth Sanders, Associate Professor of Design, Ohio State University and Founder of MakeTools
  • Cynthia Mohr, Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA) 


The days of the heroic master designer are over. How do we create educational approaches where we navigate the design landscape together, learning through experience? To meet the needs and expectations of challenging world issues, the learning sector, especially in design, requires competency and sensitivity around collaborative discovery.

We invite papers that critique design knowledge and explore how we enable people to learn design in response to global needs. This could be at any stage of life and career, from toddler to octogenarian.

This track welcomes responses from design thinkers, philosophers, para-academics (Weller 2016) and those promoting diversity in the landscape of learning to design. We seek insights, provocations and experience from practitioners, coaches, teachers, researchers, advisors, consultants, technologist and technicians. Whether you are a heroic marathon runner, sprinter or walker, where do you find your agility, stamina and pace?


  • How has learning changed for design?
  • How do collaboration, co-production and the systems of design management and education support new needs in design learning and design strategy?
  • What are the emerging models for PhD training that acknowledge the needs and opportunities of industry and practitioners?
  • As the means of production are becoming more accessible how can we help the people to design well and what are the implications for the design profession (good and bad) of this opening up of the means of production.
  • What are the benefits of teaching design as a universal subject for thinking to everyone, what impact should this have on design curricula at all levels and what are the implications for specialist design provision?
“The spectacles of experience; through them you will see clearly a second time.”
Henrik Ibsen